"The imperial leaves"

Price $225.00

Stream of Imperial leaves     Ref .: B001 This bracelet is composed of a series of delicate heart-shaped silver leaves of the imperial tree (Paulownia tomentosa). Each of these sheets is made of sterling silver (92.5), designed and engraved by hand by our craftsmen. Made in sterling silver (95,5) Length: 20 cmFor any order and deliver in Cambodia,...


Price $238.00

EMBRASE ", Ref .: B010 Made in sterling silver (95.5). This bracelet finely decorated with an entwined silver wire, is suitable for men and women. It is permanently worn and appreciated by its owners. For any order and delivery to Cambodia, please contact directly Lotus Space.

Bangle in silver (95.5)

Price $214.00

A stripped form, a sparkling silver, it is the jewel that we always like to wear ! Pour toute commande et livraison à destination du Cambodge, merci de prendre directement contact avec Lotus Space. Tous nos bijoux peuvent être fabriqués en or sur commande.  Merci de bien vouloir prendre contact directement avec Lotus Space:...

"Silver rushes"

Price $137.00

"Silver rushes" Ref .: Biygoh reSterling silver (95.5) This series of three solid silver rushes is appreciated for its simplicity. Pleasant to wear, they quickly catch the eye. For any order and delivery in Cambodia, please contact Lotus Space directly.